Creative Writer for Legal Drama

Do you love true crime? Are you a creative writer? Did you grow up watching Law and Order?

I run a successful youtube channel called LegalEagle, where I try to explain important legal issues of the day. I am branching out into true crime and legal fiction.

To do that I need some help from some great writers. I’m looking for people to help write scripts for dramatic true crime videos. The videos tend to be about 20 minutes long which means each script is at least 3000 words. Scripts will be a combination of exposition, background, and dialogue. More details to follow.

We sometimes deal with complex legal ideas and issues, so familiarity or experience with legal issues is a plus. An ideal candidate knows their way around a case and might have some legal training.

I love working with smart, creative people. Working with me is a collaborative process and I really value input from my team. This is absolutely an opportunity to express yourself creatively.

Please send multiple examples of dramatic or humorous works that you’ve written (emphasis on any legal or true crime experience). Please also send examples of any legal writing that you’ve done if you have them (memos, articles, briefs, etc).

*Applicants must include the approximate number of subscribers on my channel with their application to show attention to detail.

Additionally, there is lots of opportunity at this organization for great legal writers and researchers. So if you have additional skills as a legal researcher, blogger, copywriter, marketers, or social media manager, please let us know. If you bring special skills to the table, don’t be shy!