SBU Professors' Essay Urges Us to Trust Dads

As families across the country celebrated Father’s Day on June 16, a thought-provoking essay by Stony Brook University faculty members Julia Bear and Todd Pittinsky was featured in the New York Daily News. The bind dads are in: It’s not just women under pressure to choose between work and parenting states that, “More and more, fathers report feeling that family is not a distraction but rather a precious and essential part of life — an ambition just as important, if not more so, than their careers.” Yet according to the General Social Survey (a prestigious national measure of national sentiment) only half a percent of Americans thinks fathers working part-time or staying at home full-time while a mother works full-time is the best way to organize family and work life. The authors then pose the question: When will the rest of society believe in fathers and support them in the role of caregiver? For more, read the Daily News article. About the Authors Bear is an associate professor in the